Corporate Snake Safety Training.

On Thursday 22 February, staff from one of Zambia’s Mining Companies attended a corporate snake safety training, which consisted of snake awareness, identification, safety and snake venom toxinology and first aid in snakebite.  During the training and at it’s end, venomous snakes handling demonstrations were given by Marcel, the trainer as well as by Gingré, […]

Science Week At The Italian School.

On Wednesday, 21 February, the HHiSS team gave a snake safety talk and venomous snake demonstration to 150 students of the Italian school in Lusaka. It was a great morning with loads of interesting questions from the crowd. As always, getting venomous snakes out (a Puff Adder and a Brown Forest Cobra) as well as […]

2024 Started With A Very Successful Training.

On Saturday 27 January we conducted another fully booked and highly successful training course. 14 participants completed the theory course and 10 also completed the venomous snake handling course. This time, the HHiSS training team has grown to 3. Boniface Banda (photo, black T-shirt, brown trousers) has joined to guide a group in the correct […]

Snake Training In Kafue National Park.

One rarely imagines how much is involved in giving a snake training on location. HHiSS was recently contracted to conduct a one-day snake awareness, identification and snakebite first aid training for staff of Kasabushi Lodge and African Parks in the Kafue National park. Contracting had already taken place months ago, as the training was initially […]


SNAKE TALK AT THE ECOLE FRANCAISE DE LUSAKA On 5 April, we were invited to give two snake awareness presentation to the pupils and teachers at the French School of Lusaka. Apart from photos of some of the common snakes in Zambia, we also brought two live snakes: a Brown House Snake, which children (and […]


On 15 April, the HHiSS Snake Awareness, Identification, Snakebite First Aid and Venomous Snake Handling training course was held. It was a great success with  13 participants for the theoretical part and 9 participants doing the full training including venomous snake handling. During this training, participants learn a lot about how to identify snake species, how to be […]


HHiSS conquers South Africa!! Not really. But almost.  HHiSS was invited to attend and give a presentation about the work it does in Zambia in increasing safety for both snakes and humans in snake encounters. On 12th January, I traveled to South Africa with Choti Singh, the Director of Operations for Save the Snakes in […]