On 15 April, the HHiSS Snake Awareness, Identification, Snakebite First Aid and Venomous Snake Handling training course was held. It was a great success with  13 participants for the theoretical part and 9 participants doing the full training including venomous snake handling.


During this training, participants learn a lot about how to identify snake species, how to be safe with snakes around, what to do in case of a snakebite and how to catch and release highly venomous snakes such as Puff Adders, Cobras and Black Mambas.


Thank you once again to Kalimba Reptile Farms in Lusaka for hosting us, to Gingré for assisting the training and making photos and of course to our participants who made the training possible in the first place.

If you’d also want to participate in our training courses, or if you want to organise a training course for your organisation, contact us via info@hhiss.com and we will reach out to you with further information.